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Lab News

  • 1/16/24 | The Health and Human Performance Lab has a new home! Our lab has moved to 4615 Forbes Ave in a newly renovated space.

  • 12/28/23 | Congrats to our Project Manager, Bethany Sanov, on her systematic review publication in Addiction Biology!

  • 2/24/23 | Congratulations to Zhongchi Li, a Research Assistant in the lab, on his acceptance to the University of Florida for a PhD in Social Psychology under the advisement of Dr. Gregory Webster!

  • 11/30/22 | Our Lab Director Janine and Project Manager Amber were asked to write an article on lack of belonging in college students. You can find the article here - way to go both!

  • 9/20/22 | We're pleased to announce that our Lab Director Janine has been awarded a K-Award to continue her learning on white matter structure analyses! Congrats Janine :)

  • 9/1/22 | Congratulations to our Lead Project Manager Reyna on starting her medical school journey in a Masters program at UPitt. We'll miss your hard-work and humor in the Lab!

  • 6/13/22 | We're excited to welcome our newest Project Manager, Bethany Sanov, to the team! Your skills and outlook are such an asset to the Lab.

  • 5/13/22 | Good luck to our CMU graduates Caitlin & Esther! We can't wait to see what you do next.

  • 5/12/22 | Janine and David's paper exploring the effects of Headspace's meditation program on inflammatory gene expression was accepted at Brain, Behavior and Immunity. See here!

  • 5/11/22 | Members of our data science team, Caitlin and Kunal, were recently selected as the winners of the Sigma Xi Computer Science presentation prize for their presentation on the depression trajectories work at Meeting of the Minds. Congratulations, Kunal and Caitlin!

  • 5/10/22 | Our Research Assistant Jordan Albert joins the Lab full time this summer. Welcome to the team Jordan!

  • 5/7/22 | Our PhD student Asal has had a stellar first year! She recently received a grant from the Society for Health Psychology for her work on an attachment writing interventions for children and adolescents with IBS, and also presented on the IBS trial at the Society for Behavioral Medicine and the depression trajectories work at the American Psychosomatic Society Conference.

  • 5/5/22 | We'd like to congratulate our Project Managers Ava and Reyna for their promotions to Lead Project Managers! We appreciate all of your hard work and expertise.

  • 5/2/22 | The Washington Post covers self-affirmation in a wellness article that quotes and references multiple papers by our Lab Directors. Congrats David & Janine!

  • 4/30/22 | Erin Chen, a Research Assistant in the Lab, was awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) for her study investigating dosing effects of mindfulness. We're so excited to get started on your project Erin!

  • 4/6/22 | The H&HP Lab extends a warm welcome to our newest recruitment strategist, Lana Al Doori! 

  • 2/18/22 | We're sad to say goodbye to our Project Manager Sarah Wu. We wish you all the luck as you thru-hike the Appalachian Trail!

  • 9/20/21 | We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our two newest Project Managers! We’re happy to have you Brenna Novak and Sarah Wu!

  • 6/7/21 | The H&HP Lab is excited to welcome Asal Yunusova, an incoming graduate student! We’re looking forward to your time with us.

  • 6/15/2021 | We are thrilled to welcome Amber Quinn, our newest Project Manager! We’re eager to start working with you.

  • 5/23/2021 | Congratulations to (now former) Research Assistant Jaymee Suh on graduating from CMU!

  • 4/15/2021 | Congratulations to Sarah Lipitz on her acceptance to Penn State University for a Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Health! She will begin working under Dr. Jenn Graham-Engeland in Fall 2021. Congratulations, Sarah!

  • 1/5/2021 | Happy New Year! The H&HP Lab is ringing in the new year by celebrating the release of Headspace’s Guide to Meditation on Netflix. Be sure to check out episode 4 for mention of the H&HP Lab!

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