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University of California Irvine ‘18
Carnegie Mellon University ‘26 PhD in Social, Personality & Health Psychology

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Research Interests: Broadly I am interested in mind-body interventions and protective biopsychosocial factors that aid in positive health outcomes in populations coping with chronic health conditions. More specifically, I am interested in the mind-gut connection and investigating interventions (i.e., mindfulness meditation) and factors (i.e., emotional validation) that can improve well-being in patients with gastrointestinal disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Fun Fact: I love going to immersive art museums, concerts, hammocking, and painting. When I'm back home in California, you can find me watching a sunset at the beach with some In-N-Out Something that's next on my bucket list is seeing the northern lights!

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