Carnegie Mellon University

B.A. in Professional and Creative Writing, 2021

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA

Research Interests: I’m intrigued by the function of communication in scientific settings. Whether the lab is sending out surveys or posting flyers around the city, clear and concise writing is a key component to engaging their audience and sharing information. I look forward to learning more about the overlap between psychology and communication during my time with the lab.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving in South Africa!



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A. in Psychology, 2020

Hometown: Waxhaw, NC

Research Interests: My research interests focus broadly on health outcomes, stress and resilience, and interoception. I am interested in interventions for behavioral change to promote positive health behaviors, such as exercise, mindfulness practices, and medication adherence. I also seek to investigate how factors such as interoceptive ability can mediate stress and aging, and whether interventions such as physical activity and meditation can strengthen interoception sensibility and sensitivity.

Fun Fact: My goal is to visit every U.S. National Park.



University of Cincinnati

B.S. in Psychology, 2018

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Research Interests: My goal as a researcher is to understand how health and wellness can be supported with integrative health and mind-body practices, and the corresponding physiological and psychological mechanisms responsible. I am particularly interested in the effects of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga on neuroplasticity, and how these benefits can improve health and wellness.

Fun Fact: I love to run! I have finished 10 half marathons and have traveled as far away as Vancouver for races.



University of Pittsburgh

B.Phil. in Psychology and Anthropology, 2020

Hometown: Monongahela, PA

Research Interests: I believe as we continue to move toward a more holistic approach to medicine, understanding the impact of psychosocial and behavioral health in chronic conditions and diseases is critical. Consequently, I am passionate about the use and efficacy of psychosocial and behavioral health interventions to both prevent detrimental health conditions and positively impact health outcomes in patients with chronic conditions.

Fun Fact: I absolutely love music! I am a vocalist, and my favorite musical is The Phantom of the Opera. I am also a violinist, and my goal is to one day play the Theme from Schindler’s List on the violin.

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Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. in Biology and Psychology, 2021

Hometown: Newton, MA

Research Interests: Reflective of my undergraduate studies in both biology and psychology, my research interests involve psychological interventions aimed at reducing inflammation in a patient population, thereby improving health outcomes. I am also broadly interested in diet and nutrition.

Fun Fact: I have spent a few seasons fixing and building trails with the Appalachian Mountain Club, and look forward to completing a childhood dream of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail soon!