Carnegie Mellon University

B.A. in Professional and Creative Writing, 2021

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA

Research Interests: I’m intrigued by the function of communication in scientific settings. Whether the lab is sending out surveys or posting flyers around the city, clear and concise writing is a key component to engaging their audience and sharing information. I look forward to learning more about the overlap between psychology and communication during my time with the lab.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving in South Africa!



Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. in Psychology with a clinical concentration and minor in Gender Studies, May 2022

Hometown: Austin, TX

Research Interests: Broadly, I am interested in studying research questions among underserved communities, such as racial and ethnic minorities or gender and sexual minorities, in order to expand our understanding of health outcomes beyond populations traditionally used in research (e.g., White, upper/middle class, cis-gendered, educated participants). Particularly, I am interested in understanding the unique factors that contribute to health outcomes among certain social groups (e.g., minority stress, internal stigmatization, community social support), and the contexts in which certain strategies and interventions work best for specific communities. 

Fun Fact: I have a poor sense of smell, so I can eat really spicy food!



University of Cincinnati

B.S. in Psychology, 2018


Hometown: Columbus, OH


Research Interests: My goal as a researcher is to understand how health and wellness can be supported with integrative health and mind-body practices, and the corresponding physiological and psychological mechanisms responsible. I am particularly interested in the effects of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga on neuroplasticity, and how these benefits can improve health and wellness.

Fun Fact: I love to run! I have finished 10 half marathons and have traveled as far away as Vancouver for races.

Jordan Albert.jpeg


University of Pittsburgh

B.S. in Information Systems, 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Research Interests:  I'm interested in studying the intersection of stress and resilience, as well as moderators (i.e., social support structure, mindfulness, conscientiousness) to understand the contributing factors to human thriving so that we can implement effective interventions among the adult and adolescent population of the socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Fun Fact: I enjoy listening to podcasts, hiking with my dog, frequenting museums, as well as time spent with family and within the community. I disposed of my TV about two years ago and thoroughly enjoy that decision.



Ruffgers University

Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, June 2020

Nickname: Lab Lab

Research Interests: My one great passion is reducing people's stress through social interaction. I have donated my body via pets and stomach rubs, always for the good of science, countless times. While I focus mainly on relationships and connections, I can also be found researching Pavlovian conditioning, positive reinforcement in the form of blueberries, and the benefits that stem from a good nap in the sun.

Fun Fact: I am regularly dubbed the "most walked dog" in the neighborhood.