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Join Our Research Team

Working on research in our Lab can be a very rewarding experience! If you're a Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate, you can receive course credit for working as a research assistant with us. Unfortunately we are not accepting non-CMU undergraduates students as RAs or post-baccalaureates. Research assistants work in the lab eight hours per week (more in the summer) and participate in our weekly lab meeting. They are expected to work in this lab for at least a year so they can receive a variety of training experiences.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the application linked below. If you are non-CMU affiliated, you may still fill out this form if a spot opens up, and please indicate your affiliation and interests on the RA application.

While we appreciate any interest in our research, we are sometimes unable to respond to all inquiries due to a high volume of requests. We unfortunately cannot host high school trainees nor consult on any student projects outside of our sponsored research. 

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