Brian Chin 

Stony Brook University '15
B.S. in Psychology
Carnegie Mellon University Psychology PhD Program

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Research Interests: Broadly, I am interested in understanding the biological, affective, and behavioral mediating mechanisms through which psychosocial factors can affect physical health and well-being. In my current research, I approach this question in two ways. My work with David Creswell examines how mindfulness-based interventions can be used to intervene upon these processes by reducing stress and promoting positive affect. My work with Sheldon Cohen involves a more direct examination of how factors such as socioeconomic status, social integration, and relationship quality are associated with morbidity and disease progression.

Fun Fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards. (I can also recite the alphabet forwards).


To download my Vita, please click here:Brian Chin CV.